Why Buy Here?

Attractive Plants

Plants look their best when they’re healthy.  Plant health really comes down to two elements – genetics and environment.  So, in order for Smarty Plants to look their best, Smarty Plants Nursery selects only the genetically best plants to cultivate and uses an organic, minimalistic approach to keep its plants honestly healthy.  Smarty Plants Nursery has no problem removing a plant that doesn’t meet its high standard at any stage of the cultivation process to ensure that all of its plants are healthy and thus attractive.


Because Smarty Plants Nursery mainly cultivates organically (Smarty Plants Nursery uses synthetic fertilizers at times, but does not use any herbicides nor pesticides) Smarty Plants Nursery plants learn how to survive on predominately what Mother Nature will provide them.  Therefore, human maintenance is diminished to keep your Smarty Plants looking good.
And for icing on the cake, the Smarty Plants Nursery organic approach means that Smarty Plants Nursery is working with nature instead of killing it.


Smarty Plants Nursery firmly believes that Mother Nature is the superior cultivator thus it strives to do as little as possible to get in the way of Mother Nature’s cultivation efforts.  This means that Smarty Plants are thrown into Mother Nature’s bittersweet care from day one and thus are forced to learn how to navigate her environment in order to survive.  Consequently, there is less human labor and resources needed to keep the plants looking sharp so cost of care falls.  And when costs go down for you, profit goes up so a minimalistic approach is a win-win!

Seed Propagation

Smarty Plants Nursery only propagates its plants by seed (not cuttings, air layering, tissue grafting, etc.), because Seed Propagation is Better.


Smarty Plants Nursery uses a 70% soil, 30% sand mix for its Miami-Dade County Native plants because simply, the native soil composition is the same.  The result of this is plants that are better adapted to the native soil conditions and healthier thus they are better for your landscape than natives that are grown in non-native soil (i.e. peat, coconut shavings, soil mixes with a lot of wood).