Step 1: Select your Smarty Plants

Common Name/Scientific NamePot SizePicturePrice
Firebush/Hamelia patens var. patens1 Gallons$3.10
Firebush/Hamelia patens var. patens3 Gallons$5.43
Firebush/Hamelia patens var. patens7 Gallons$18.60
Green Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus1 Gallon$3.10
Green Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus3 Gallons$4.65
Green Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus7 Gallons$18.60
Jamaican Caper/Capparis cynophallophora1 Gallon$4.65
Jamaican Caper/Capparis cynophallophora3 Gallons$8.14
Jamaican Caper/Capparis cynophallophora7 Gallons$26.35
Silver Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus 'Sericeus'3 Gallons$4.65
Silver Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus 'Sericeus'7 Gallons$18.60
Simpsons' Stopper/Myrcianthes fragrans1 Gallon$3.10
Simpsons' Stopper/Myrcianthes fragrans3 Gallons$5.43
Simpsons' Stopper/Myrcianthes fragrans7 Gallons$18.60
Wild Coffee/Psychotria nervosa3 Gallons$5.43
Wild Coffee/Psychotria nervosa7 Gallons$21.70

Step 2: Select How You Will Obtain your Smarty Plants

You may pick-up your Smarty Plants at Smarty Plants Nursery located at 212th Ave. & 238th St. Homestead, FL 33031.  (If you want an address to put in your GPS, use the address for the park across the street – 23900 SW 212th Ave. Homestead, FL 33031).

Please contact Smarty Plants Nursery with what you desire to order and the delivery address, and Smarty Plants Nursery will provide you with a quote for delivery.

Deliveries normally take place at the latest, one business day after the payment is received.

Smarty Plants Nursery provides FREE deliveries to nurseries in Homestead, FL.

Let Smarty Plants Nursery know what you’d like to order and the delivery zip code and Smarty Plants Nursery will send you a quote for the shipping.