Step 1: Select your Smarty Plants

Common Name/Scientific NamePot SizePicturePrice
Firebush/Hamelia patens var. patens
1 Gallon$3.10
Firebush/Hamelia patens var. patens3 Gallons$5.43
Firebush/Hamelia patens var. patens7 Gallons$18.60
Green Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus
1 Gallon$3.49
Green Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus3 Gallons$4.65
Green Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus7 Gallons$18.60
Jamaican Caper/Capparis cynophallophora
1 Gallon$6.20
Jamaican Caper/Capparis cynophallophora3 Gallons$8.14
Jamaican Caper/Capparis cynophallophora7 Gallons$26.35
Silver Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus 'Sericeus'
1 Gallon$3.49
Silver Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus 'Sericeus'3 Gallons$5.43
Silver Buttonwood/Conocarpus erectus 'Sericeus'7 Gallons$18.60
Simpsons' Stopper/Myrcianthes fragrans
1 Gallon$3.49
Simpsons' Stopper/Myrcianthes fragrans3 Gallons$5.43
Simpsons' Stopper/Myrcianthes fragrans7 Gallons$18.60
Wild Coffee/Psychotria nervosa
1 Gallon$3.49
Wild Coffee/Psychotria nervosa3 Gallons$5.43
Wild Coffee/Psychotria nervosa7 Gallons$21.70

Step 2: Select How You Will Obtain your Smarty Plants

You may pick-up your Smarty Plants at Smarty Plants Nursery located at 23900 SW 212th Ave.  Homestead, FL  33031 from Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm.

Please contact Smarty Plants Nursery with what you desire to order and the delivery address, and Smarty Plants Nursery will provide you with a quote for delivery.

Deliveries normally take place at the latest, one business day after the payment is received.