Native Landscape Design & Installation

Go NATIVE because natives:

  • are beautiful all-year round,

  • require little to no maintenance because they require little to no water, pesticides, and fungicides so they are low cost,

  • the South Florida native ecosystem is very diverse so no matter what look you wish to achieve in your landscape, there is a native plant that will do the job for you,

  • provide a habitat for indigenous wildlife which includes pollinators,

  • contribute to a self-sustainable ecosystem, and

  • are a solution to reversing global warming.

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  • Plans are only $75.00 but Megan Prats of Smarty Plants Nursery will go to your property and discuss your vision for your landscape and provide you with a cost estimate for FREE.

  • Smarty Plants Nursery provides the best quality native plant landscape design for the lowest cost because of Megan Prats’s 7 years of experience with native plants; her creative approach to design a landscape that both achieves your vision and is unique; Megan develops a design with the future in mind so that over time, the landscape continues to look beautiful; and Smarty Plants Nursery grows the plants that are utilized in the landscape and is well connected with the best native plant growers in Homestead so plants are purchased at the lowest cost possible.

  • 6 Month Guarantee – Smarty Plants Nursery will replace any plant that dies within 6 months of the installation for FREE.  The guarantee does not cover plants that die because of a lack of watering by the customer.

Call (786) 349-3502 to schedule a consultation.

Design and installation are done by Megan Prats who is the owner and founder of Smarty Plants Nursery and a native plant specialist of 7 years.  Please visit Megan’s YouTube channel to get to know more about her native plant expertise.

Call (786) 349-3502 to schedule a consultation.

Areas Served:

  • Residential – Miami-Dade County
  • Commercial – Miami-Dade County